I never thought of myself as a writer. I was a hardcore reader definitely. But, as my own secure identity of myself gained clarity, so did my voice. Whether for connection or for therapy, writing has become a medium that challenges me to think differently and connect with others on a level that I never understood until recently.

I'm an amateur writer, but I'm also a motorcycle fanatic, a competitive powerlifter, and a lover of human connection and adaptability. I realized through my own internal provocation, that challenging ourselves on common and comfortable ground forces us to look at the world in a new light. We find more perspective, more empathy, and more collaborative growth.

I write almost entirely on the perspectives of men; internal struggles, the need for emotional intelligence, healthy masculinity, our relationships with women, and taking responsibility for our actions and our intentions.

If I inspire you, I've done my job. If I make you irritated, I've also done my job. The positive and the negative of emotions and experiences can always teach us something if we're willing to look deep enough...

Let's connect and collaborate.

Stay rebel minded my friends.

Love you.

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