Delete the Masculine and Watch the World Burn

I think we will rue the day that we dismiss men and delete masculinity…

Sounds extreme, right? Well, it seems to me that’s what happening out there.

The world is growing sensitive in almost everything. And to make up for it, those sensitivities are being answered by reprimanding anyone he is abrasive to it.

What most people don’t see (because no one actually taught us these things) is that there is no way to delete masculinity. Masculinity is the left to the femininity’s right. The world is built off of balance, and an energy can’t be deleted. It can be wounded, it can cause suffering, and in the right hands, it can look like it’s the problem.

Thank you extreme feminists…

All of us contain this energy, not just men. Masculinity is the container for the fluidity of the feminine. Masculinity is decisiveness, clarity, structure, foundation, assertiveness, logistics, courage.

Femininity is fluidity, compassion, understanding, empathy, creativity, nurturing, love.

Among many other things, both of these are important. They exist in all of us, and you can’t delete them.

Even on the day that men are silenced by imprisonment (yes, I’m being dramatic), and masculinity is deleted, we will see the truth. Truth being, that masculinity and it’s power wasn’t deleted…it was delegated, and just given over to people who control the system and want to convince the people that they are helpless, and we need them….basically continuation of patriarchy under the umbrella a more sensitive and so called “empathetic” new order…

We don’t BTW. Need them I mean. Maybe for organization, and the execute the plans…But, remember when it was ‘the power of the people’?

You want an evil masculine…there it is.

Two things:

1) Toxic masculine is wounded masculine. Meaning, someone shamed and guilted it. It fell into its shadow for expression and action. Less empathetic, more dominating. Masculinity can be healed. And that’s everyone’s fault for not teaching each other how to be healthy humans. It’s our fault for using men and their potential power to label their actions as ‘toxic masculinity’. Men may hold the majority of the masculine energy and exude the most corruption caused by a wounded masculine, but men were taught to suppress themselves, not express. Men were shown that they weren’t worthy unless they could make money, fight off the baddies, and stay in power…Seems pretty influential for a corrupt patriarchal system, huh?

Men aren’t the only ones with masculine energy remember? We need both energies to be healthy and efficient humans. Masculine isn’t gender specific.

2) Just as a fully masculine society couldn’t survive because its inability to love, accept, and be compassionate, neither could a fully feminine one. It would fall to chaos, have no direction, have no strategy, and would struggle with assertiveness and power. It would need the masculine to uphold the balance. Are we as people so upset and resentful, that we don’t realize the complete opposite of a suppressive patriarchy could also be toxic?

We have a shitty patriarchy, but it’s because it’s ran by shitty people that have no idea of the balance of human health, and couldn’t care less about it. A toxic masculine is money hungry, corrupt, power tripping, inconsiderate, and overwhelmed with an ‘untouchable’ filter over their eyes.

I stand by men. I have for a long time. And I will continue to do so. But I also see our faults and want to take responsibility for them, not act like they don’t exist. And deleting mistakes and problems, was never the answer, nor will it ever be.

We need men and masculinity, and I’ll stand up for that til the day I die in order to hold off the delete button.



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