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How Do We Change Every Human Issue That Exists?

Is our potential for destruction and corruption beatable?

What do we all want? What is it that we are willing to do for what we want?

As diversified as we are and as unique as our desires are for life…how can anything be more true than the fact that all of us seek a satisfactory and fulfilled human existence?

Yes…the globe that we live on; this mighty and complex ecosystem of a planet is what gives us the ability to exist. Whether it’s God’s creation or Darwin’s evolution, we are all in agreeance that the world itself gives us everything that we need…but it’s also allowed us to take the natural world and turn it into something completely different. We are the only species that drastically changes the environment to suite our needs, wants, and vision.

Our potential is epic and endless.

Through my last half decade I’ve taken a keen interest in questioning the effects on the world based on what we take from it, what we fill it with, and the things that we cut it off from. WE…all of us, to some point or another aid in the Earth’s very tippable survive vs. thrive complex. And the reason it’s even a debate is because of the very possible (and happening) narcissistic and selfish hold on our claim to exist in whatever way we please.

To put it shortly, we think of ourselves more often than we think of the life giving planet we are sitting on. It causes a lot of suffering to the globe as a whole…but I do condone a form and level of selfishness in order to attain self respect, and perpetuate self love. Those are what create trust and love and progress.

Side note: Does that mean that we only ever have the ability to stunt mother nature’s potential? I think not. I do think though that as we become more disconnected from the animal kingdom and the more archaic version of life, the less we understand it’s importance of keeping nature in balance…and if it’s not in balance, then are we capable of being the same catalyst for positive change and revitalizing the world, the same way we have taken from it? That’s a question for another time…

With more and more tendency to care about ourselves, we also put in place this story that when it comes to our own survival, that no matter the cost we will do and act in whatever way necessary to create the life we want. And in all of that action, we often end up using each other. The more we feel desperate, the less we are willing to care what is sacrificed. Which almost always is a detriment to other humans.

The more that we use each other, the more that we create distrust, resentment, and the desire to do without people. The more we want to be without people, the less we care for them obviously. The less we care, the more we do only what is necessary. The more we do only what is necessary, the less any new generation can fathom goodness and love and inclusion in the world they are growing up in. New generations are born into a mindset that puts us further away from how we should all start: loved, supported, understood, pressed for individuality and greatness, and surrounded by healthy and nurturing connections.

One of the greatest factors fucking up our individuality and diversity:

The “factory model of education” is one particular area where the necessity for many people to do the same thing started to suffocate individuality and diversity.

No. I’m not saying that this education system was out of malice or any resentment or selfishness or narcissism. Alright, maybe it was…but I doubt my personal understanding of history, for the pure fact that I didn’t exist in the time. All I can do is question it.

What does seem so immensely corrupt though, is that this movement to create a compliant and tempered population takes away one of the greatest freedoms, and in my opinion purposes of being human…creativity. And creativity cannot exist if we are all mentally manipulated to think our gifts are not monetizable and our self-beliefs are only dreams…

It’s the reason that anything we’ve done exists. From fire, to the first sharpened tools and weapons, to electricity, to automated systems. It took determined and beautiful minds to do all of these things. Necessity all the way to opportunity.

And you would say, ‘but if creativity still happens, then why am I complaining’?

Well, because my complaint isn’t that, as much as it is an optimism; a repeatable and skeptical set of questions that pushes the boundary of individual opportunity and liberty.

What if…

What if we weren’t suffocated? What if our biggest collective idea was to fuel creativity? What if what we have now — our technology, our innovation, our collective satisfaction and life fulfillment, our economics, our wisdom, our global cooperation — could have been ten fold? What if thousands or millions of minds have and ARE being suffocated by systems such as this ‘factory formula’?

Now more than ever people have been making an assessment about our education. People are outraged by what is does to our next generations. I mean, I’m kind of pained myself knowing that any system convinced me of what I had to learn, and suffocated the life out of what I could have been learning.

But could I have known?

I’m just now finding my potential? I’m just now figuring out my talents and my instinctive core values? I’m just now figuring out where I fit and what I am most happy doing in this world? And it’s not because I didn’t learn from a couple decades of trial and error, because I did. It’s because I wasted most of my life doing what I was told to do and never questioning it.

What if we were all skeptics and questioned everything from 18 instead of 35?

What if from the very beginning, starting from birth, we had nothing but compassion and curiosity about building gifts and passions and purpose in children? What if this was supported and promoted as soon as it was exuded from our tiny little souls?

What if education was started around what makes us human? What if the need for supportive social community, emotional intelligence, human behavior and human potential was taught? What if psychology and neuroplasticity and mindset was taught? What if patience and resilience and healthy pain management were taught to us?

And in turn…

What if education wasn’t just about facts and numbers. As great as they are, and as important as it is to know basics of history, math, science, and the horribly exhausting economics…what if they were emphasized more to the ones that desire it, not a necessity to basic education? I dare to say they are less important than finding our place and exercising our gifts.

Even more so…

What if we were to question this basic, general knowledge. What if teaching diversified directions and leaving those so called “social basics” as secondary was the beauty behind respect and admiration for each other? To first find what makes us…us?


The most important things in my life up to this point were all learned inside adulthood. How to handle my emotions, how to deal with depression and despair, how to find things I love and build confidence, how to negotiate and love and enjoy life with other people. All of the things that make me feel capable and human were after high school.

I am in awe of the people that live lives in a detailed niche of knowledge; people that know their craft to its bones, no matter what age they found it. I wish that for all of us. I don’t ever discuss mathematics or science or economics with anyone…not anything past basic knowledge.

Why? Because it hasn’t been necessary for my life. And with the path that I’m on, it never will.

Yes…we need to know how to be financially sound, but how many things beyond that?

All I’m saying is, is that maybe we have the formula wrong.

Maybe we should be building generations by their gifts, not by compliance. Not by building an army of laboring hands where their greatest skills are maintaining production lines, taking customer complaints, and removing trash from our streets…but am thankful to the ones that do. I was my own version of this.

So, what does this have to do with easing all our human issues?

We’re suffocating our children and suffocating a very advanced future…and all the while, we are also creating all of our issues.

When we suffocate the generations…when we leave them to fend for themselves emotionally, mentally and physically, they spend a decade(or more) of their adult life just searching for some sort of foundational survival mode. It’s almost sickening to think about. There are so many of us that don’t need to endure a stage like this.

If we allowed children to find themselves, gave them no limitations, and gave them the idea that love and trust and support is behind them…would they not proceed with amazing and beautiful intention?

We have to stop thinking that success and dreams is only meant for the few…that they themselves are the only ones capable of bringing great things into the world. We have to stop fearing the hard work. We have to stop allowing dictators and systems to convince us, and thinking that there are only “the best” in this world who are capable of lives that all of us desire.

I’m not specifically talking about money and fame and success….those are the byproducts. I’m talking about the foundation of our greatness: gifts, talents, ideas, beliefs, passion…all the things that are not promoted or exercised anywhere in our education besides being an ‘elective credit’ or an optimistic compliment from teachers and parents..

Wouldn’t we then be suffocating pain and the desire to manipulate and cause pain to others? Wouldn’t we be creating healthy and optimistic minds that seek contribution and service? Wouldn’t we be stopping corruption and destruction and life-taking actions?

Maybe…if we’re optimistic enough. And if we can keep ourselves from trying to stop children from out-shining us or coercing or convincing them to live lives that we never tried ourselves…if we can silence the envy and the resentment and the missed opportunities…maybe if we can starve our ego and give aid to limitless growth and potential of the next generation that needs us…the world can change.

Maybe cancer would be cured. Maybe flying cars would exist. Maybe we could save more lives. End poverty. Maybe we could bring back every animal that ever went extinct(just a personal selfish wish. Haha.). Every legendary endeavor brought to life. And maybe we could give back everything to the world that we’ve taken from it. Maybe we could contribute to a human/animal thriving ecosystem. Maybe we could be ten times what we are now.

Just maybe…

Stay rebel minded. Be skeptical. Move forward. Embrace your strengths and creativity.

Trust and love always.



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