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Is makeup the end of Natural Attraction?

Are we building beauty into a shell of what it should be?

Zackary Henson
6 min readApr 9


Hear me out…

The world has created so many amazing things.

We’ve been replacing, supplementing, and perfecting flawed systems and workloads.

Things that are justifiably far better than what they could be.

There’s a level of satisfaction that lies in creating new ways to do things. Our lifestyles become less strenuous and more efficient. Our self-expression becomes more diverse and more admired by those around us.

We’ve been able to do things with less physical strain, less investment, and getting more for less in a lot of creative and progressive challenges.

  • Digital art(not AI) is just as fantastic as physical art like paints and graphite.
  • Cordless and remote tools of technology make physical life safer and less of a strain.
  • Our phones are nothing short of mini computers that we can find all information, run businesses and contact anyone in a plethora of ways.

I love what the modern world can do.

But it also creates a fear in me, because I’ve learned a crucial fact about everything that exists:

Nothing created can exist without a sacrifice or a shadow…

Shortcuts, filters, and perfections cheat us of learning the depth of skill and effort, and wisdom it takes to be well-rounded, empathetic, and grateful humans.


I think that makeup is a perfection of beauty that is hurting us.

Not only does it (potentially) create a masking of natural beauty that women think they have to hide behind, making an insecurity that their natural beauty is not enough, but I think that it also creates a psychological adaptation of men's attraction to seek and expect perfection. I think that makeup gives a false idea of what beauty actually is.

Is beauty perfection?

No, not to me.

Real beauty is an ideality, not a perfection.



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