Question Everything

What does it mean to be a human?

Zackary Henson
3 min readJul 23, 2022


Sometimes, I’m annoyingly disgusted with what I am as a human.

Calm down…I said sometimes.

But it’s not the form of disgust most of us think. I’m fucking proud of everything that I’ve endured and the person I’m becoming. A lot of stuff sucks and it’s hard to remain forward when we’re out grasping at darkness.

But that’s the whole point.

There is no set point in which we can just settle. Not only are we psychologically dissatisfied by stagnation, it’s impossible to remain in.


Because everything that happens to us…that is happening to us, is a catalyst to our perspective, our character and our vision of what life is.

The pressure built, and a broken heart forced me to stop lying to myself.

I became really fucking good at asking questions. As soon as I made an assumption or a judgement about myself or toward my own biases and beliefs, I could become skeptical of it. And not just of myself, but everything in the world around me.

I started to question absolutely everything.

I could approach everything from neutral(mostly. I’m still human). And that makes it so much more clear on finding truth and love in life.

That’s when I realized that the only real way to continuously change, to become the next version of myself, was to question the fuck out of the world and myself.

It meant that I could never settle on any idea or belief and make claims to it’s truth without first putting it through some objective questioning. It meant that I was forced to always consider the possibility of being wrong and everyone around me being wrong.

So, what does this do?

It saves us from limiting ourselves. It saves us from assuming the people around us are right about us. It saves us from the arrogance of elitism and keeps us striving for what makes us the best version of us; we are students.

This is why I created my podcast.

It was an effort to bring deeper questions into the world beyond facts and statistics.



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