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This is Why You’re Not Actually Different

But this is how you can be

Zackary Henson
6 min readMay 9


What is ‘right’?

Who decides what ‘right’ is?

Everyone seems to be screaming it from the pits of their lungs…

And it’s all nonsense.

Here’s why.

By far the greatest accomplishment I’ve had so far in my own scattered and abstract discoveries of the self is, to question all incoming information.

That’s the whole idea behind my brand and podcast.

Not necessarily creative is it?

Question Everything…?

Duh, dude…

Yeah, I know.

But how often do you question all of it, even when you think you’re right?

That’s tough.

The Inevitable Skepticism

I didn’t learn to question everything necessarily because it’s all wrong, but because it’s definitely not all right.

And because I found that the anxiety of my choices to live by others’ recommendations was me abandoning my own soul. But that’s another story.

The individual is far too complex for everything to be right.

So, why the fuck do we feel so entitled to say what’s true for everyone?

Our differences in temperament, ability, character, passion, and beliefs… it's all too diverse for all of what we hear to be the correct thing, whether the advice is solicited or not.

So what do we do?

Well, there’s a turning of an individual’s tiny cosmos(yeah, yours) when you not only question the input but decide to answer it in ways that you start to believe in your own advice and beliefs about your own existence and what fulfillment means beyond what others think.

(And stop being scared of people telling you it’s wrong.)

Our purpose behind approaching the modern world is to find ourselves. And to do that we have to approach it, ask it of things, and yes…be skeptical of it.


Because Modernism is a challenge to our biology.



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