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What do We do in the Face of The Resistance?

We’re fooled by the expectation to come upon our purpose, when maybe it’s really this…

Zackary Henson
8 min readJul 22, 2022


What do you believe in?

Is it God of Western Christianity/Catholicism/LDS?

Is it Judaism?

Is it Buddhism? Hindu?


Seriously…just pause and ask yourself this. It’s subtly important to my point.

And if the answer was already there, then hold onto it and ask yourself:


Why do I believe in this? Is it a guidance system? Is it a force in which keeps me within clarity of moral and ethical standards? Does it give me the courage I need to live compassionately outside of myself? Does it keep me from losing myself to my own darkness and externally exercising my demons onto an unfair and unjust world?

Any of us that have an intention, no matter how small or how just it may be, believe in something. Even if that something is purely that we have an opportunity to make a mark on a world that demands progress.

And what is amazing to me, is that of the smallest specks that we are individually, against all odds, even if we do not become the world’s savior on a level as timely as ‘legacy’, there still lies something within us to make a mark.

I fucking love it.


So that means what?

It means that to make a mark, or to realize that we are significant, we are at the deepest level satiating a call to be part of some greatness that is a uniqueness only to ourselves. The call, is to satisfy our authenticity; to live in this world and to leave it; part of something non-trivial. Something better than before.

What a fucking beautiful thing to have something so vague, and so unclear as to the amount of value to call us to arms for the sake of our own soul and to the souls of others. It screams freedom. It screams imagination. And it screams authenticity.

Is this romanticism? I’m romantic at my core, so I hope so.



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