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What is Our Identity and How Do We Know it’s Real?

There’s something that I have to tell you, and it’s not to just “be yourself”

Zackary Henson
6 min readJul 11, 2022


You want to know one of the biggest things that stops us? That invisible terror that punches us in the gut again and again…and again?

It’s the very truth that I’ve hated more than anything, without me understanding it, and for reasons I repeatedly stopped myself from facing. I had stages where it built seemingly insurmountable hate and anguish. It forced me into a pit of despair time and time again. The repetition of this “feeling” is what made me give up over and over and over.

What’s it’s name?

Do you have it yet?


Want me to tell you?

A few more seconds?

Annoyed yet?

Okay…I’ll tell you…it’s married to the muffin man…



If you’re here for the writing and not for the humor…well, you’ll have to deal with one to get the other. Sorry bro.

Anyway…let’s get back to the Muffin Man’s spouse.

The name of that motherf*cker that screws you over all the time….


Progress really isn’t what we think it is because without being in the deep, we can only see it as this linear, positive, validating emotion. It’s far more fleeting than we think it is. And it will test you not just exhaustively, but uniquely. A lot of times you’re just…lost.

However, the best part of your story of success will be the uniqueness in how you got there(granted you give yourself credit for success. That’s a must).

Progress shows up painfully. Progress isn’t that minute of flushed joy and excitement…progress is that f*cking animal that shows up in your path again and again to scare you from taking steps. It’s that beast that claws at you and bites at your flailing appendages with every maneuver you make to give it the slip. It’s what repeatedly takes chunks out of you. It’s like having a reflection that looks you straight in the eye every time you look forward and says, ‘I dare…



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